Upcoming LIVE Classes in Watercolor!

Impressionist Watercolor Painting for the Beginner to Advanced Watercolor Artist

WSST President Al Kline will offer personalized instruction in a live class setting at the Port Aransas Art Center. 

This class series is designed to build on watercolor painting basics and sketching including a paint-along in each class with an emphasis on impressionism.  The three classes are separated by homework and exercises to reinforce each lesson.   

Each class is structured to build on the last session for a comprehensive education in the watercolor medium.  Photos and materials list will be distributed for each class.   Class size will be limited to 15 students.  

This is the perfect set of instructions to get you started in watercolor if you are a beginner or reinforce skills for the intermediate and advanced watercolor artist!  Cost is $30/class.  All proceeds will benefit the Watercolor Society of South Texas and the Port Aransas Art Center. 

Class #1 – Introduction to Watercolor Painting, sketching and tonal studies. Introduction to 4-Tonal Technique painting with Paint-Along

In our first Class we will introduce you to watercolor papers, brushes, paint and materials for both in studio and Plein Air watercolor painting. We will begin with a simple drawing lesson and how to paint a simple watercolor.  We will then begin a more in-depth discussion on drawing and how to do a tonal study by sketching in pencil, ink and watercolor using a single color. We will introduce you to a 4-Tonal technique to simplify the painting process.  We will discuss some techniques in watercolor such as lifting, scratching and splatter.  We will draw in both pencil and ink and have a paint-along using only a single color.  Homework will be passed along to reinforce sketching and how to prepare tonal studies.

Class #2 – How to use the tonal study to paint watercolor in color. Introduction to color mixing with Simple Subject Paint Along (October 9th, 2021 from 2-5 pm CST)

In this class, we will have a comprehensive session in color mixing and how to unify paintings using color, tone and texture. We will discuss compositional elements and how to compose from photos. We will discuss how to paint with varying edges and learn how drying times are used to achieve a desired effects.  We will paint an ‘impressionist’’ watercolor and paint employing the 4-tonal technique using a tonal study in full color.  

Color photo for class lesson (Class #2) – We will create a tonal study and paint from this study.

Class #3 – Tying it all Together – Painting My Subject! (October 23rd, 2021 from 2-5pm CST)

In our final class, we will use the techniques outlined in our previous classes to paint another watercolor work of the students choice .  We will tie newly learned skills from the first three classes together and review additional techniques of watercolor painting to create our own unique watercolor.  

To sign up, please contact the Port Aransas Art Center (info below). You can register over the phone or in person. This class series will be limited to 15 students.*


104 N Alister St, Port Aransas, TX 78373

PHONE: (361) 749-7334

*Membership to the Port Aransas Art Center is required to attend these classes. Cost is $35/year.