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FACEBOOK Livestreaming – Online

I have published the Live Streaming a on FACEBOOK Live . There are now 5 (five) programs to watch. You can access the 5 (Five) programs HERE. FB live streams will be announced for future events on facebook.

Quarterly WSST Meeting (Rescheduled)

Our next WSST Meeting is rescheduled due to the Corona Virus. I will notify everyone by email when the date is scheduled. The updated date for our meeting is July 25, 2020. Topics of discussion will include:

  1.  Workshops – Mini- Workshops and Plein Air Events
  2.  50th Anniversary Show (2020 Juror Lee Ricks)
  3.  Bylaws and Introduction of Signature Status for WSST
  4.  Election/Appointments of Committee members , Volunteers, etc. 
  5.  Upcoming Masters Workshops

We have partnered with the Port Aransas Art Center and the Galvan House to begin watercolor mini-workshops.  These mini-workshops will be a great way to get together and paint. The mini-workshops will cost a $5 donation per student made to the Port Aransas Art Center.  


Our next Plein Air Event is scheduled in Port Aransas on Saturday, July 18th. We will all meet up at the Port Aransas Art Center on Saturday, July 18th at 8:30am.

Richie Vios and I will split into 2 groups and paint. You can go on your own or just watch, it’s entirely up to you! We will go over our approach to plein air painting and the process or subject, composition, sketch and painting a quick watercolor. We will start at 9am and meet back at the art center at 1pm to show and tell our works!


March 14th –   1-3 pm (Drawing/Sketch Painting Demo and Class)

June 13th , June 27th , July 11th, July 25th – Saturday 1-4pm (Watercolor Paint Along – Port Aransas Art Center)

These classes are presently limited to 10 students. We will pick a subject to paint and discuss composition, drawing and color mixing to compose a watercolor painting.

June 13th , 2020 Mini-Workshop

” Color Mixing in Watercolor and How to paint Light”

  • This workshop will include techniques in color mixing for watercolor washes.
  • Students will gain proficiency in sketching with explanation of lights, midtones, darks, shade and cast shadows to produce a 3 dimensional object.
  • Learn how to produce lights, grays and midtones and darks with watercolor using the correct color spectrum.
  • A Paint – Along Demo will be done to tie it all together.

June 27th, 2020 Mini-Workshop

“The Basics of Watercolor Washes and Edges”

  • This workshop will include techniques on how to produce a variety of watercolor washes and edges.
  • Students will gain proficiency in knowing when to placed paint in a particular wash to get a particular effect. Review on how watercolor reacts on paper. 
  • Students will gain proficiency in painting clouds and water reflections.
  • A Paint-Along will be done to tie it all together.

July 11th, 2020 Mini-Workshop

“Texturing in Watercolor”

  • This workshop will show a variety of techniques on how to texture a watercolor.
  • Students will gain proficiency in creating a variety of textures on watercolor paper.
  • A Paint-Along will be done to tie it all together.

July 25th, 2020- Mini-Workshop

“Workshop Review and How to Varnish a Watercolor Painting”

  • Richie Vios will lead the workshop on how to Varnish a Watercolor and how to apply watercolor paper to boards.
  • We will review the past 3 workshop on sketching, color mixing, watercolor washes, watercolor edges and texturing.
  • A Paint-Along will be done to tie it all together.


Here is the upcoming invited workshop schedule. I am very excited and humbled to have such talented artists that include Vladislav Yeliseyev, Eugene Gorean, Frank Eber and Andy Evansen to come and teach their interpretation of watercolor painting and techniques. If you truly want to improve your painting and drawing skills and learn different techniques mastered by these wonderful artists, I highly suggest signing up for these workshops.


December 11-13, 2020 – Vladislav Yeliseyev 3-day Watercolor Workshop (5 spots still available!) – REGISTER HERE

February 12-14, 2021 –  Frank Eber 3-day Watercolor Workshop – REGISTER HERE

October 21-23, 2021 – Andy Evansen 3-day Watercolor Workshop – REGISTER HERE

December 3-5, 2021 – Eugeniu Gorean 3-day Watercolor Workshop (Registration is open!) – REGISTER HERE

April , 2022 (TBA) – Lynn Farris 3-day Watercolor Workshop

You can access our WORKSHOP SCHEDULE on our website.

If you are interested in teaching in our mini-classes, let me know and we can plan a schedule.  

If you have any suggestions and are not able to attend the meeting, please let me know.  

Best Regards and Happy Painting!

Al Kline

President WSST (WSSTX.ORG)

Michael Holter Workshop

The Michael Holter workshop was a grand success. You can view the class photos on our workshop page.

Plein Air Painting

The WSST is introducing a Plein Air gathering now every month. In November 2019, we met in Rockport with the help of Louis Garcia in organizing a Plein Air event.

Plein Air event was scheduled for Rockport at Anita Diebels studio, December 17-19 in Rockport Texas. Meet up was at 8:30 am at the Anita Diebels Studio.

Our next Plein Air meeting is in Port Aransas on July 18th at 8:30am. Please go to our facebook page if you are interested.


2020 will mark the 50th Anniversary for the WSST! To celebrate this landmark year, we will be offering 2 world-class workshops.

Vladislav Yeliseyev

Vladislav Yeliseyev will teach a 3-day workshop in Port Aransas on Decmeber 11-13, 2020. We feel very fortunate that Vlad is taking time out of his busy schedule to come to South Texas and teach. Be sure to go to our registration page to REGISTER for this wonderful opportunity. Hurry because his workshop will sell out fast. We have limited the class to 25 students.

The WSST is extremely excited to bring you these wonderful workshops in 2020-2022.

To see a selection of our upcoming workshops, please visit our WORKSHOPS PAGE for workshops coming in 2020-2022.

Come celebrate our 50th Anniversary with us! We will have special events to be announced throughout the year!


Our 50th Anniversay  members exhibition will be held this year at the Port Aransas Art Center in the month of August.  This will be a special event marking our 50 years as the premier watercolor society of South Texas!

Acceptance and receiving of artwork will be on July 29, 2020 at the Port Aransas Art Center and art will be hung on the 1st of August.  Judging will be that week.

The 50th Anniversay EXHIBITION and RECEPTION will be held on the first Friday, August 7th, 2020 at the Port Aransas Art Center.  This will be catered, with wine and food served. A band will also be playing as part of the first Friday art festivities at the Port Aransas Art Center.  

RECEPTION and AWARDS will be held on FRIDAY , AUGUST 7th at 5:00PM with PRESENTATION OF AWARDS at 6:00PM.  

2 entries per artist with a hanging fee of $10 will be accepted.  

The exhibition of art work will run from August 1st to August 31st, 2020.  PICKUP for art work will be MONDAY, AUGUST 31st. If you need to pick up art earlier on the weekend, please let us know.  

This year’s judge for the show is LEE RICKS.    A new prospectus/guidelines for the 50th Annual Members Show will come soon.  We have a committee that will review and modify the guidelines for acceptance into the members show.  

The prospectus will be more relaxed this year to allow everyone to get into the show.