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  • Guest Artist Archive – Kim Johnson Nechtman 2024

    Kim discovered her love for the creative process at a young age. On the advice of family and friends concerned that she have a ‘real career’, Kim completed her degree in psychology before pursuing her real passion – watercolor.
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  • Guest Artist Archive – Juan Saturio 2024

    Juan Saturio is considered a ‘plastic artist’ in watercolor. “As a plastic artist, I know and practice all the techniques of practical expression, as well as the rest of the pictorial techniques, but watercolor is the technique that best suits my way of feeling and creating, with which I have the most a greater link...
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  • Guest Artist Archive – Dhruba Mazumder 2024

    Recorded January 21st, 2024– Sunday, 10-1pm CST Dhruba Mazumder is a professional artist from Romania and lives in Bucharest. He is a member of the IWS of Romania and has been painting watercolor for over 10 years. He is an avid plein air and studio watercolor artist. Dhruba will discuss his technique of monochrome painting...
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  • Guest Artist Archive – Matty Burnham 2024

    Recorded on Zoom for May 5th, 2024 on Sunday at 10-1pm CST/4-7pm UK Time Zone ARTIST WEBSITE Matty Burnham is an accomplished ink & watercolor artist from the UK.  He will provide a demonstration on his ink and watercolor techniques for the WSST in May 2024!
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