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You can purchase individual videos here directly! Once you check out with paypal, you will be automatically directed (back to merchant) to the URL connection to the corresponding video. Please keep the URL in a safe place so you can view it at anytime. Howard Jones Demo A video demonstration (live) of artist Howard Jones […]

Edges in Watercolor

Originally posted on South Texas Watercolor Artist:
Edges can be broken down into a simple concept for watercolor.  It’s either wet paint on dry paper to create a “hard edge”  or wet paint on wet paper to create a “soft edge”.  The combination and use of these 2 edges in watercolor is called a “variegated…

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Vladislav Yeliseyev 3-Day Watercolor Workshop in South Texas

DATES: December 11-13, 2020 (Friday-Sunday) LOCATION: Port Aransas Art Center 104 N. Alister Street Port Aransas, Texas 78373 Phone: 361-749-7334 Contact Information: Al Kline ( President WSST About Vladislav Yeliseyev, IAS, NWS: Vladislav Yeliseyev is an award-winning artist who works in watercolor and more recently oil. In 1996 Vladislav won the Formal Presentation Drawing Award […]

Streamlining the Watercolor Process

Originally posted on South Texas Watercolor Artist:
Lately, I have been streamlining my approach to watercolor painting.? The process I’m about to describe is the culmination of three years of sketching and painting on almost a daily basis. As you know, I’ve taken a few watercolor workshops and I’ve noticed a common denominator:? “Watercolor painting…

Finding Your Inner Voice as an Artist

Originally posted on South Texas Watercolor Artist:
I’ve learned so much this last year and had some reasonable success in watercolor. As I look back at my first attempts at watercolor and my progression, many of my followers and friends have commented on how well my paintings are evolving. I am humbled and listening! My…