Finding Your Inner Voice as an Artist

Nothing else really matters; you are the factor directing everything. If you want to be an original, the only differences possible in paintings are the differences among people. Paint is paint.” ~ Nita Engle . . . READ MORE

A Crossroad: Painting a Drawing and Drawing a Painting

Lately, I’ve been focused on improving my drawing. I’ve even ventured into Ink and watercolor drawings. Interestingly, my paintings have also relied heavily on drawing . . . READ MORE

How to Simplify the Approach to Watercolor Painting

I was pleased to give a demo and lecture entitled ‘How to Simplify the process and approach to watercolor painting.’ It was a great turnout and we covered some aspects of painting such as composition, sketching and arrangement before painting . . . READ MORE

The Ingredients to a Winning Watercolor

Like the ingredients to a delicious pie, watercolor paintings require specific ingredients to make them pleasing to the eye. What makes a watercolor work and what doesn’t? . . . READ MORE

Demo for the Playhouse of Design Art League

I was recently invited to perform a watercolor demonstration for the Playhouse of Design Art League in Kingsville Texas. It was a great experience . . . READ MORE

Painting from Photographs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Many of us paint from photos in our studio. This can and should be supplemented with sketches and tonal studies. There are advantages and disadvantages to using photos . . . READ MORE

Palermo Study: Robert Brindley Tutorial

In this series, he actually took a number of paintings that he had already completed in oils and used them as reference for watercolors. What I liked was his ability to paint extremely wet into wet without loosing his whites using frisket. In my practice painting, I used frisket and a small amount of soap mix to ‘paint-off’ my whites . . . READ MORE