Edges in Watercolor

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Edges can be broken down into a simple concept for watercolor.  It’s either wet paint on dry paper to create a “hard edge”  or wet paint on wet paper to create a “soft edge”.  The combination and use of these 2 edges in watercolor is called a “variegated…

Vladislav Yeliseyev 3-Day Watercolor Workshop in South Texas

DATES: December 11-13, 2020 (Friday-Sunday) LOCATION: Port Aransas Art Center 104 N. Alister Street Port Aransas, Texas 78373 Phone: 361-749-7334 Contact Information: Al Kline (Alklineart@gmail.com)- President WSST About Vladislav Yeliseyev, IAS, NWS: Vladislav Yeliseyev is an award-winning artist who works in watercolor and more recently oil. In 1996 Vladislav won the Formal Presentation Drawing Award […]

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Streamlining the Watercolor Process

Originally posted on South Texas Watercolor Artist:
Lately, I have been streamlining my approach to watercolor painting.? The process I’m about to describe is the culmination of three years of sketching and painting on almost a daily basis. As you know, I’ve taken a few watercolor workshops and I’ve noticed a common denominator:? “Watercolor painting…

Finding Your Inner Voice as an Artist

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I’ve learned so much this last year and had some reasonable success in watercolor. As I look back at my first attempts at watercolor and my progression, many of my followers and friends have commented on how well my paintings are evolving. I am humbled and listening! My…