About Us

The Watercolor Society of South Texas (WSST) was founded in 1970.

In 2020, we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary !


President Dr. Al Kline (2019-2022)-WEBSITE


The Society was formed to elevate the status of watercolor and to educate the public to the significance of watercolor as an important creative and permanent painting medium.

There will be no group bias for or against conservatism or modernism. The Society shall further the interests of painters in watercolor by its programs and its competitive exhibits, and shall encourage its study by art students and others engaged in watercolor painting.

The Society shall at all times be dedicated to the highest aesthetic standards.

Past and Current President:

2019-2022: Dr. Al Kline

  • 1970-71~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ed Whetzle
  • 1971-72~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~J.C. Worcester
  • 1972-73~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bette Harris
  • 1973-74~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clara Mae Marcotte
  • 1974-75~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Vava Calahan
  • 1975-76~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jane Ewald
  • 1976-78~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dolores Price
  • 1978-79~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chispa Bluntzer
  • 1979-80~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gloria Wolf-Leann Willis
  • 1980-81~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Barbara McDowell
  • 1981-82~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pat Deadman
  • 1982-83~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bonnie Prouty
  • 1983-84~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zella Guerguin
  • 1984-85~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Darby Kachmar
  • 1985-87~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Carolyn Motes
  • 1987-88~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bobbie Spencer
  • 1988-89~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jane Peterson
  • 1989-90~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pat Mondy
  • 1990-91~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dolores Price
  • 1991-92~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cornelia Morgan
  • 1992-93~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Betty Fletcher
  • 1993-94~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Janet Jamison
  • 1994-95~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Joan Teer
  • 1995-97~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Earl West
  • 1997-98~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rotating Past Presidents
  • 1998-2001~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pam Stanley & Pat Crenshaw
  • 2001-02~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Charlotte Shannon
  • 2002-03~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Meloria Timmerman
  • 2003-05~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pam Stanley & Pat Crenshaw
  • 2005-06~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pam Stanley & Charlotte Shannon
  • 2006-07~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pam Stanley & Andrea Harwell
  • 2007-09~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pam Stanley
  • 2009-10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Neva Rossi Smoll
  • 2010-2018~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Louis Garcia
  • 2019~2022~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dr. Al Kline


The WSST was formed in April 1970 as the SWS Corpus Christi Chapter. April 2020 will mark our 50th Anniversary! A workshop with Vladislav Yeliseyev, who recently juried the 2019, 56th Annual SWS Watercolor Society Membership Exhibition in Dallas, Texas, will commemorate our 50th Anniversary! The workshop will be help in Port Aransas on April 3-5, 2020. See our workshop page for more information.
The original list of SWS Dallas Charter members who formed the WSST in April 1970. The original name of our society is the Watercolor Society of South Texas. We continue our Society with this name for the past 50 years! Mr. Ed Whetzle was our first elected president of the Society.