About Shelley Prior

Biography of Guest Artist

Artist Shelley Prior is an award-winning professional watercolor artist in Burlington, Ontario. She started painting at a very young age and really have never stopped.

“My subject matter is quite varied but still life and portraiture are prominent. My work is almost always highly realistic with rich colour, beautiful light and attention to detail. Many of my original works can be found in collections throughout the world.”

“I started teaching about 30 years ago and the demand for classes and workshops has grown tremendously so I am now teaching most days of the week. These days it means more online teaching than in-person but we are gradually returning to more in-person experiences together.” 

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About this Workshop

This demonstration was recorded in May 2022 for the WSST on the ZOOM and HD platform. Shelley will take you through the drawing concept, papers, design, masking and painting execution and how to bring volume and light to glass objects (still life).

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