About Eugene Gorean

Eugeniu Gorean

Biography of Guest Artist

Artist Eugen Gorean was born to a family of teachers Chisinau, Moldova.  Having started to paint and  to draw as a young child, by the age of 12 he had already decided to pursue a career in art.  At just 16, he became a student at the A. Plamadeala Art College.  After four years of study there, even more convinced of his vocation, he moved to the Academy of Fin Arts in Chisinau.  Within two years, he became the “Best Student” of the Academy.

Throughout his studies, Gorean became increasingly attracted to watercolour, which he found not only rich in technique, but also sincere in presentation.  His artistic goal was then and is now to capture the invisible realities that pervade human experience – the subtle relationship between humans and their environment, the sensitive balance between cliché and reality, the eternal longing for a utopian ideal in the midst of a fragmented and fragmenting world. From the beginning, Gorean has been strongly influenced by classical academic traditions, and in particular artists such as Turner and Durer.  He is fascinated, in particular, by the plein-air pictorial methods of J.S. Sargent.  While these influences can be detected in his work, they are hardly defining.

Gorean’s work is not only held in private collections, but can also be found in public collections such as the European Parliament, the Uckange Museum, and even the Purcari Winery.  His commitment to art extends beyond his own work to the didactic diffusion of his craft and vision.  He routinely holds workshops across the world.  More recently, Gorean has become the official ambassador of the Canson brand, and of Tintoretto brushes.  After all, the ideal life is both practical and beautiful.  Read more . . .

His painting in SD of a snow scene from his reference photo.

This workshop will highlight his washes, brushwork and small animal painting to add interest to a landscape.

This workshop also focuses on composition from a reference photo and Mr. Gorean’s technique on general washes, creating background atmosphere and painting branches and other elements in a snow landscape.

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