How to Simplify the Process of Watercolor Painting

South Texas Watercolor Artist

Painting is all about breakthroughs and improving outcomes. Lately, I’ve been quite satisfied with something I call “sketch painting. “ In simple terms, in watercolor, it’s a sketch and 2 washes. I am also doing a lot more drawing and sketching, which is improving my overall compositions.

I’ve been quite happy after my trip to Florida where I did a number of bird studies. Here are some paintings from that trip:

All of these paintings are done on 1/8 sheet watercolor (sketches). Instead of traveling with my easel, I’ve been traveling a little lighter lately, and just taking some simple equipment including:

1. A clip board

2. 1/8 sheet cut arches rough watercolor paper

3. Sketch pencil

4. La Petite Palette of paints with 3 primary colors and some earth tones (Daniel Smith Paints)

5. Travel brushes

It seems with these type of sketches, the less you do, the better…

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