Artistic Expectations

South Texas Watercolor Artist

When I began painting, I would often look at other artists work and marveled. The paintings are so beautiful! How did they get that effect? How did they do it? Appreciation of other artists work is one thing that inspired me to paint.

“More than friends” Watercolor 26×40″ Artist Gunnar Tryggmo

One of the first paintings that inspired me to paint was “More than friends” by Gunnar Tryggmo, a wonderful Swedish artist. It was so simple, 2 birds in the surf with a lonely rock. So simple, so beautiful.

Deep down, as I began to paint, I expected and wanted to paint like the masters that I studied. Not really realizing that they , too had taken a long and arduous journey to get to where they are today. I didn’t realize that they probably experienced the very same frustrations that I encountered to get to where they are. I…

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