Interview with Måns Sjöberg

South Texas Watercolor Artist

I have always been intrigued by the watercolor works of Måns Sjöberg. I reprinted the interview with him from 2016, about 1 year before I began painting. His work inspired me to begin painting. I hope you enjoy it.

Måns Sjöberg is a swedish painter who specializes in watercolor. He lives in Lund, Sweden.

“Watercolor painting is my favorite occupation since my 4th birthday, when I got a paintbox for present. Because I grew up in a family with a great interest in nature, animals became my first motifs.”

~Måns Sjöberg

How is life in Sweden? What is your present function at Folkuniversitetet, BMSL and the Montessori School?

Sweden has a varied nature and a lot of people interested in it, but for someone who loves outdoor painting, temperatures below the freezing point often force you to do something else or travel abroad. The last few years my wife and…

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