30 days and 50 Paintings: The Works of Dan Mondloch

South Texas Watercolor Artist

I came across a really good blog the other day, and another great painter of watercolor. Thought I would share his latest blog post, which hit home for me.

Many of us struggle with watercolor. For me, it has been not only practicing to improve my technique, but understanding watercolor, how it works, the process of composition, seeing your subjects in a different light and not always painting exactly what you see. Well, you know what I mean. The journey is a little different for all of us, but the process of learning and getting better, improving is similar in many ways. For all of us, it’s means practice and persistence.

Dan summarizes this very well in his post, entitled “Learning to Paint – Embracing the Struggle”.

Dan’s work is unique in his own way.

“I’m a third generation painter of landscapes in watercolor, following in the footsteps of my…

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